The foundation of nonprofits are an ever-increasing challenge.  As the economy is struggling, nonprofits are hit in a variety of dimensions.  As the community is struggling to find time to participate in philanthropic activities and community events, due to longer hours to support their family and maybe even struggling to find a job.  Unemployment rates and blame on community expectations brings unsupportive community behavior.  Once effective marketing strategies of “help your community” are being impeded, creating negative energy that the community is to blame for the struggles that their family or the individual is going through.

Creative marketing strategies never meant so much.  Finding unique ways of using social media and even traditional marketing strategies varies so widely with the large pool of donor demographics.   Digital marketing strategies to trigger successful responses, and consideration of high open rates are essential.  As community businesses are struggling to survive, the support of nonprofit organizations become limited.  Although, expectations are the same or even have become more demanding as participants are putting more on the line than ever were before.  Many retired individuals who were able to support nonprofits, are working at a much older age, and the dependence of these individuals to participate regularly is reduced.

As funding and less business support of nonprofits become commonplace, employees are being overwhelmed with more responsibility, less resources, and increasing challenges.  The culture begins to have impeding and disagreeing goals that create teamwork struggles.  Organizational behavior and structure are evolving with the changing times. There is less time to concentrate and tackle these quick evolutions as they occur because it is a constant and the resources are already being stretched.  The industry is evolving, employee and participant behavior is evolving, expectations are changing, creativity is a bare necessity, and resources are becoming scarce.

Through my future blogs, I hope to interest individuals of the unique nonprofit sector or find similarities on how profit business tactics can be utilized in the nonprofit realm.  As much of the difference of the sectors, the similarities are just as notable.  The unique characteristics of nonprofits, and specifically the blood banking industry interest me, and successes and learning from failures is highly valued.  The motives of the community are evolving, with a direct correlation to the current economic status of the country.  The changes affect the employees, their behavior, and the culture.   Constant changes to social media practices, marketing strategies, industry and generation value differences all have a significant of the success of blood banking.


Evolving Nonprofit Challenges to Excellence

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