What about Change is Uncomfortable?

Change Picture

We are creatures of habit and change makes us enter a world of the unknown.  Forward thinkers want to know what the future has in store for them, and don’t we value forward thinkers in the workplace?  However, as management is going through change, answers are not always known.  High turnover may result because individuals begin feeling uncomfortable in the position they are at. Being adaptable and flexible has never been so highly valued in a changing environment and it is very common in business today.  For example, as technology is rapidly changing, marketing strategies change, and human labor responsibilities shift, just to name a few.

Here are some ways to deal with change:

  • Accept the situation. Just because leadership is embracing the change doesn’t mean they like it either and you need to embrace it too.  Change is more common than ever before as technology innovations are rapidly evolving and the call for action in order to stay competitive is necessary.  Therefore, reflecting on why things are the way they are will not help with moving forward and adapting to what changes have occurred.
  • Remind yourself of the mission and goals of your company. You are working at your company because you are passionate about what your company does.  Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing and why you are there.  This will get you over the tumultuous times that changes can bring on.
  • Culture of change. Building a culture that change is normal.  Create an environment where adaptability, flexibility, and creativity are embraced.  Business environments need to be always ready for change and learning techniques and strategies that evolve as changes occur will bring successful results.
  • Do not think that changes occur because what is working isn’t bringing success. You do not want to be forced to create change, because you have delayed change for too long.  Changes may occur for predictions or forecast about creating a more successful future.
  • Do not discriminate change. Changes may be experiments, and they may not always be better than what processes or what was already being used.  However, do not let failure lead you to think that all changes are going to be unsuccessful.  Evaluate why it went wrong, ways to fix it, and why this may not have been the right decision.  Making a broad conclusion that all changes are failures will impede future opportunities.

Every business environment that will succeed in the long-term will be involved in change.  Therefore, embracing change, and being part of the excitement in possible opportunities it may bring, will allow more positive results not only for you, but for your organization.  Just as much as you expect to receive communication from your leadership that is part of making the decision to create change, being an active part in open communication channels will help the changes be effective.

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