Control Time, Don’t Let it Control You



Time does not discriminate individuals, it does not discriminate days, and does not wait for you to catch up.  It is interesting how often “I do not have time” comes out of our mouths.  It is such an easy excuse, and we really can all relate to it especially in certain times of our life more than others.  However, we do not have control of adding more hours in a day or shortening hours in another, we can decide what we are doing with those hours.

  • Setting a bed time is more prominent now then I was a kid.

11pm is a happy medium I have set in order to make dinner, go to the gym, study, and prepare a lunch for the next day.  Staying up later trickles into the next day of less productivity and begins a trend for the week.

  • Set deadlines throughout the week

Know what needs to get done this week and what can wait until next week.  Set days that you want certain chores/tasks done.  This will prevent your for feeling overwhelmed or ensure all tasks that should be done to get done in a timely fashion.

  • Make To-Do-List

This will keep your ease your mind and let yourself rest.  Jotting it down will alleviate some stress and be able to lay it out.

  • Allow yourself to reset

Maybe just last week you were not as productive as you should have been and it definitely still having an effect on you.  Move on.  It is a fresh week and do not continue the cycle.

  • Allow yourself to relax and do the things that make you happy. You will reach burnout if you do not let yourself rest and relax, and allow yourself to do things that you enjoy.

I write this with self-reflection upon myself.  Work gets chaotic, school work gets behind, and gym time gets cut in order to make the time to catch up.  Working for a nonprofit, this is an activity that individuals choose to do, and unfortunately often one of the first activities to be eliminated when times get busy and chaotic in individual’s lives.  When we use the excuse that we do not have time to commit to something, be real, we are not willing to make time for that commitment.  Partner with time, rather than time being your worst enemy.


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