What triggers individuals to act for the well-being of others?

blood hero with cape

As we look back with the unfortunate recent events of the tragedy in Orlando, many individuals have sought means to donate blood who have never found the desire to.  Evaluating these reasons may help future means of recruiting donors.  Although, tragic events whether personal or national is often the case of bringing new donors or even past donors in sooner, understanding this drive gives us a better understanding of the individuals that we want to transform to regular and habitual donors.

Although, we do the same service daily, our services seem to transform into a “purple cow”, a term developed by Seth Godin.  A remarkable service that individuals want to partake in.  In the last few weeks, we have requests to send that blood to the state struck by the incident, regardless of the state needs.  Again, this is not to criticize the caring individuals acting on this deed, but simply understanding them.  Developing a strategy that will gain new customers without having tragedy strike by evaluating these emotions and reasons to act are essential for efforts in recruiting new donors.  On a much lower scale, tragedy strikes the community on an ongoing basis.  Although, we always feel more remorse when it hits at a larger magnitude.

Efforts of Social media and Mainstream media also influence the efforts.  Many individuals create a habit or have a call to action when it is linked to emotions.  Also, the values and support of individuals on these values becomes more apparent.  The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is notorious for the brand awareness brought from the participants, which seemed to become viral overnight.  The cause marketing and social media fad raised the efforts for fundraising to notable levels.  Let’s shed light on donating blood, without having tragedy strike at the levels it did.  I would love to hear your comments or suggestions by leaving your comments or find me on Twitter @tammym_nguyen.


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