Rediscover the Passion



Passion gives you energy and the desire to perform an activity.  What you do becomes dreadful when the passion is not there.  Although, the focus will be finding the passion in what you do in the workplace, this can be applied in all that you do.  You are only shorting yourself and what you are offering to your customers.  Here are some ways that you can rediscover or maintain the passion in what you do:

  1. Take accountability

Blaming other’s when things are not a success does not lead anywhere.  Taking responsibility with improvements that you could make and reflecting on those can help with future mistakes.  Focus on successes and learn from unsuccesses.

  1. Acknowledge the small stuff

Being appreciative of those that help you or the organization builds positive energy and a positive culture.  Being thankful of the everyday positives will lead to huge successes.  Acknowledging the small things will snowball and reinforce positive behavior to bring large successes in the future.  Recognizing the small things will help you stay positive and will keep the flame for the passion in what you do.

  1. Recognizing factors that you can control

Focus on factors that you can control and using your energy to improve those factors.  Focusing on how you think others should act or on things that you want to change but cannot, at least for now, will only drain your energy.  More change will occur when you change the factors that you have control over and putting less focus on those uncontrollable other factors.   This will result in more positive change, another energizing factor.

  1. Don’t settle

Being happy for things going good will not be enough in the long run.  If you cannot find the passion and love in what you do, you have choices to change that.  Although, love whatever you do.  Know when it is time for change, and have high expectations.

  1. Continuously challenge yourself

Stimulate yourself with challenges and always become an expert in what you do.  Do not rely on others or your superiors to give you all the challenges.  Read more in depth about the challenges that you face or aspects that you find you could improve on.

What are other ways that you maintain the passion in what you do?  Leave your comments and follow me on Twitter @tammym_nguyen!


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