Training Sets the Bar for the Future

stock-illustration-85078075-choosingThe implications and impressions that you get on your first day at work can make a lasting impression of your future efforts.  Therefore, trainers must be able to be perceived as approachable for questions, yet serious that the information being passed down is important.  Is these teaching qualities defining of being a good leader?

Here are some aspects to think about in using training to set future impact:

  1. Being an expert can be a downfall

Training individuals numerous times can be thought of as being an expert in the knowledge and ability to train, although it can also deter your ability to teach the “in between.”  Forgetting the basic information that would prove helpful to the individual, may not be passed down.  Less preparation may take place, and the informality of the training may cause the individual to not take the information as seriously.

  1. You can always set the bar lower, not higher

Taking training seriously will bring the individual to take the information seriously.  Your expectations can be set starting with training, and training can set the tone for the future expectations of the employee.

  1. Emphasizing the mission

The employee has been chosen because the impression is that the potential and individual fits the culture.  Making the mission and values of the company known while the employee is developing is essential in communicating the standards and expectations of the company and what it is set out to accomplish. Making this clear will help establish the individual to help in efforts to accomplish goals.

  1. Allow the individual to envision what this information means. Getting excited about what she or he can do in their positions should be taken advantage.  That excitement will bring other’s motivation.

Training should not only be considered a time of spreading knowledge, but motivation, excitement and endless possibilities to the team.  Take this time to get to know your employee, and set the tone for the expectations and involvement of other team members.  Training is not always thought of bringing so many opportunities to your team’s future.  Tell me about your experiences, optimization, and utilization of training in future impact.  Leave your comments, and follow me on Twitter @tammym_nguyen


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