Remember the Mission, Values, and Goals


Today, organizations are in the midst of changes more often than not.  In efforts to work efficiently, and smarter not harder, positions are being eliminated.  Even those that remain within the organization, morale is dipping.  However, reminding yourself of the mission, and why you are there to serve that mission is vital in remaining a contributing factor to the mission and goals of the company.  The digital age is creating a different competitive dimension that companies must embrace to succeed.

Some strategies to be a contributor to the mission, goals, and values.

  1. Remind yourself of the missions, goals, and values or your organization

You likely got this job because you had a passion in what service the company has to offer.  It was this passion that made the hiring manager set your apart from the others.  Therefore, this is a time to remind yourself what those mission, goals, and values are.

  1. Trust your superiors

Upper management has trusted the need of your position and the value that you provide in the organization in these changing times.  The positions that have been eliminated are not personal, these decisions are based on business smart decisions.  Trust their decisions, and be a positive contributor to the current.

  1. Toxicity is just as influential as positivity

We all know that individual that is toxic to the work environment.  When they are around, the attitude changes.  Being the positive influencer of the group.  Especially when the group is becoming smaller, you have a large impact by being positive and focusing on the positive aspects and parts that you have control over.

  1. You have a choice on your attitude

You cannot change what happened yesterday, but you can walk into a new day with a different approach.  Having a choice on the attitude that you choose for that day can impact those situations that will occur throughout the day that you merely do not have control over.

  1. Take control of what you have control over

Unfortunately, you may not have control over who has a job tomorrow, but you do have control of making things happen with what you do have control over.  Focus on those things that you can change, and influence, and stop focusing on the other situations or things that you do not.

As an individual in an organization, the impact you have in supporting the mission, values, and goals is larger than you think.  If you truly believe in them, focus on that and you will take your organization and yourself to a much more positive, productive place.



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