Impact of Focus


Focus.  We need focus when we are working on a hard problem or project.  Sometimes it is not easy to keep focus, especially when there is a lot of stress or things going on at the moment.  To be able to be successful in necessary times of focus, it is important to eliminate distractions and identify what needs to be done to accomplish the task at hand.  Does “focus” get enough credit for the impact it has on success, or the components and ideas take the credit?

So let’s say you are not reaching goal, and in order to reach your goal you create a promotion, advertise, extra staff to provide better customer service, and do a variety of other things.  The result over expected results.  So you conclude that the promotion was a successful one and you do it next time, but the results do not compare.  What is the difference?  Focus.

You cannot expect that without the focus and extra effort given to make the successful event to occur, the same results will be accomplished.  Sometimes, focus on a particular struggling entity of a business is all it takes change the failed status.  It is as though, due to the focus, the actual problems can be addressed immediately with less harmful implications.  This is why there is certain jobs that are zoned into one duty, that is their focus, that is what they are to see clearly and identify problems to address immediately.

In conclusion, sometimes focus is all it takes to change the streak of unsuccessful occurrences.  You may get a misperception that a single action impacted the success, and this can be repeated for the same results without the focus.  Although, focus might have more of the impact, and must be repeated for the same results.  Sometimes focus is all it takes.  Don’t let the actions taken overtake the impact of focus.


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