Power of Social Media

7439179412_c81b84b18fTraditional media has transformed significantly.  The perspective of products have never been at the grace of consumers as much as it is today. When a group of individuals share a thought, they have a loud voice in the noise of today’s many social media platforms.

Communication of events can be spread much more quickly through social media than traditional media outlets.  The power of social media can cause quick reactions that can largely effect the community.  We believe what social media has to say, opinions are formulated before we seek the facts. We are all aware of the unfortunate events of last week’s event.  A disturbing video went viral and the reaction caused many to be disturbed based on what was seen.  Some individuals did not seek to find the information of what happened and quickly reacted.  Unfortunately, very unfortunate events unveiled triggering negative behavior that harmed many.

Hypes like the ALS challenge seemed to transform awareness of the disease overnight.  Would all the individuals that supported the cause be involved without the hype from social media?  Unlikely and unfortunately not.  We have to be ready to react to the hype overnight, since this could be detrimental or to continue the hype for the long term.  To get that monumental hype through social media often is unpredicted and hard to accomplish by planning and social media marketing skills.

Although, we can be part of the conversations and be aware when reactions and news unveil that may affect us.  By being present in the different social media platforms, we can react when the information unveils.  Finding ways to making the hype big enough to impact our organizations in positive ways can prove beneficial to organizations.  Nonprofits can depend on those that support the cause, and gain momentum.  Therefore, supporters can do some of the work.  More people are willing to listen to individuals that are not associated with the organization.

The presence, relationship, and reputation gained prior to “hype” events can alleviate negative impact that may occur.  Individuals may be less reactive when they know the organization and form a relationship prior to these events occurring.  Putting the efforts and time in work done prior can make an organization less vulnerable to reactions and negative hype.  Supporters can help your efforts and make more of an impact than the best social marketing efforts.


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