Organization is a Priority

OrganizationAre you in an organization going through a lot of change?  Are you balancing a multitude of important things in your life like family, school, work, relationships?  Are you in the midst of less resources and doing more than you have ever done?  If you answer yes to any of these questions, organization should be made a priority on your list of things you need to do.  Organization is often moved down priority in order to meet deadlines.  However, the lack of organization can be a large distraction and even detrimental to accomplishing what is needed in any of those situations.  Organization is key because it is something that you can control.

In the hustle and bustle to everyday life, it is hard to stay organized.  By being organized, this means creating a clean work and living space.  This will clear your mind from chaos, even when it may be a quite chaotic time.  Once you organize, placing things as they come because you have created an organized place for them can be a large time-savings.  This can also clear you mind and prevent you wasting time that you find yourself trying to sort things out.

  1. Declutter unnecessary paper and objects in your area.

By having yourself surrounded by things that you have to get done will only cause stress.  Create files of priorities.  This will be general enough to always use and not have to create new folders all the time.  Keeping your area, whether living or workspace, with the less junk allows you to see when there is something put on your desk or that you can rid of.  This will allow you to better manage the start of clutter rather than the clutter getting out of control.

  1. Make a To-Do List

Often filing something away makes me forget to get it done.  Although, when I make a list of things that I need to do, it creates one document of piece of paper rather than a stack.  Create a realistic list of things that should be done tomorrow.  Make it shorter than what you would expect yourself to finish in a day, so that things that occur unexpected can be fit in without feeling that you failed at accomplishing what you have set yourself to get done.  This will also allow you to get out the list of things you need to do and check extra things off that list when you find the extra time.  This will give a better sense of accomplishment.

  1. Create folders in email

Responding to email in a timely manner is essential.  Also, providing follow up not only when the other party responds to remind you, shows a level of care especially when the other side is the customer.  How often do we get asked to find information that is stored in our email and we just cannot get the right keywords to search for it.  Organizing email can also make you feel very organized in your life.

How important do you prioritize organization?  How do you stay organized?

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