Power of Continuous Learning

learning-never-endsThe enthusiasm to be an active learner can be highly looked upon in the workplace.  This sets yourself apart from other individuals that allow their leaders to guide them in the right direction, and provide the training when it is needed.  By taking the initiative and willingness to gain information you are allowing yourself to grow.  This continues the enthusiasm and challenge that is needed for a driven individual and this can be seen by your superiors.

Individuals are often very dependent on their managers to know all the answers, and depend that when they go to them they must know the answer.  Although, they do not always know the answer.  Allowing yourself to have the drive and initiative to seek information and knowledge to be dependable to your superiors and coworkers.  Finding the answers can set you apart from the rest who expect their leaders are responsible for that.

The training that is required is something that can be passed on to new employees and other employees.  Although, practices of seeking answers and becoming efficient in finding the right answers is not something that can be gained over night.  This makes you a competitive individual in the workplace.  You are in denial if you still think that you are not replaceable at work.  There are highly qualified persons waiting to get a job, but this single practice is set to impress.

This is not to say to never ask the question, but if the answer cannot be found, be the one to find the person that would have the answer.  Seek areas that you lack in the workplace, and read blogs, articles, books, to help gain knowledge and techniques to improve in these areas.  Not only are you making yourself valuable in the workplace, but you are making yourself valuable for yourself.

Do not let the slumber of everyday pass you by.  The enthusiasm to make your job challenging does not only fall on your leader, but on yourself as well.  Let failures turn into opportunities to grow.  If you are in a spot of comfort, get yourself out, do not rely on anyone else because you are the only one to gain from this growth.  Do not ever stop yourself from learning.


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