Surround Yourself with Positive Supporters

Team-GrowIt is essential to surround yourself with a network of supporters.  These individuals may not always tell you what you want to hear, but in looking back, you are fully aware that these individuals are on your team.

Tips to Identify those on your Team:

  1. They will be there for you in times of weakness.
  2. They will not allow you to stay in a state of negativity.
  3. They will help you identify areas of improvement before detrimental consequences.
  4. They will be supportive even when you jump ahead of them and will be genuinely happy when there is a high pay off.
  5. Allow you to dream big, but not let you feel disappointed.

It is essential to surround yourself with a network of supporters with these traits.  Unfortunately, we can be in a workplace that consists of peers that are unsupportive.  This may cause some self-reflection.  What can you do to gain support?  Ideally working in an environment where the culture and values match your on will cause a more satisfied career.

Surrounding yourself with supporters is also important with the relationships you hold.  Those that share the values will allow you to have productive conversations.  They will provide you support, even when you may not currently have it in the workplace.  If you are working hard, and not perfect, but hold yourself accountable, you know that those individuals that follow the above traits should be valued.  When you are true to yourself, and not in this state to take responsibility and work hard to accomplish goals, you may be attracting individuals that will encourage your bad habits.

You need to keep those individuals that are a positive influence a huge part of your life.  The influence they will have in believing in you and encouraging the positive you is invaluable.  Ways to maintain the circle of supporters:

  1. Show your genuine appreciation for the relationship
  2. Do not only talk to that individual when you need their advice
  3. Offer your genuine appreciation in the relationship
  4. You do not have always have to agree, disagreeing should not set you apart.

To be successful, we will challenge ourselves and put ourselves in uncomfortable situations.  Surrounding yourself with a network of positive supporters in and outside of the workplace will create a stronger you.  Being in stressful situations makes us divert from the effective path, and our supporters will keep us on track.


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