Productivity is the #1 Deciding Factor

ProductivityWhen trying to make logical decisions in the workplace or in trying to decide when you need to stop doing something or do something, think if that action is productive.  Sometimes that can be your only answer when someone is trying to gossip of he/she said that he/she said or did.  My simple answer, “that is not productive.”  I have had two reactions from this, they simply agree that the party they were referring to was not being productive, or it stops them in their own tracks when they think I am referring to them.  When it is the latter, you can often not only stop feeding the gossiper to continue to spread the rumors, but you can also make them reflect upon themselves if they are being productive.

When trying to decide whether to follow through with communication or doing something, I often ask myself if I am being productive.  Am I telling someone what happened in a meeting in a fashion of trying to spread the information, or am I portraying the meeting with emotions or negativity?  When you fuel your decisions with the basis of productivity, you can often back it up with reason that will be supported by your supervisor.

This is also helpful in times of adversity.  Many challenges will come your way.  People will illuminate their true colors and often self-interest will proceed the well-being of the group.  The goals of different parties may not be aligned with yours, and productivity may become interrupted by the different interests of the group.  When your productivity is spent being unproductive, another outside party, your supervisor or their supervisor, may have to be the deciding factor in identifying those interruptions for both parties.  Make productivity the decision factor in your decisions in the workplace.


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