Utilizing Key Strengths

key strengthWorking with a diverse group of individuals can be a challenge.  Ways of effectively communicating to each individual can be unique.  Although, utilizing strengths from each unique individual is key to the success of a diverse team.  This can also maintain motivation within the group.  Focusing on those strengths can provide the most output of the team, as well as cause the least frustration of members.

A sense of appreciation will go along with this strategy.  Individuals will feel appreciated and want to maintain putting their best effort to the task at hand.  They will be performing tasks that they appreciate and enjoy doing, allowing for the most to be gained by the individual and the organization.  A sense of satisfaction will result.

This will allow you to appreciate the diversity of the group.  Diversity can often be looked upon as a disadvantage, because this will not only bring in different communication efforts that have to be done, but dissatisfaction while some are satisfied. Forcing individuals to perform functions that utilize weaknesses, can cause the individual to become frustrated and less productive to the team.  Therefore, identifying individual strengths, praising those strengths and utilizing key tasks on those strengths can provide a team the most benefit.

There is often a sense of not being able to make everyone happy.  Although, when you focus on the advantage that this diversity can bring you, you begin to accomplish situations and tasks with the greatest efficiency.  Individuals will begin to take responsibility and accountability of the assigned tasks.  They will become involved because they enjoy what you see as their strength which is often what they enjoy doing.  The strengths of the group will come together to create the greatest output.  Individuals will thrive, the group will thrive, and you will begin to accomplish challenges with less adversity.  What are you strategies you use to identify team member strengths or even your own?  Share your comments and follow me on Twitter @tammym_nguyen


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