Value Retention, but Prevent Toxicity

building blocksRetention of employees should always be valued by a company.  Longevity and experience brings an aspect to the team that cannot be trained or gained by a brand new employee.  It definitely should be a concern when there is high turnover.  Is the expectations set too high or unrealistic?  Is work-life balance valued and achieved in all positions?  Are employees valued for what they do?  Is the job expectations and responsibilities clear?

Working with a diverse group of individuals can sometimes be challenging to please everyone.  However, the dissatisfaction of the entire group can cause a leader to question what needs to change.  This will begin to show that you value your employees and their opinions do matter.  However, as much change as you want to provide the team, especially as a new leader, there is some accountability that needs to be put on the team members.  Put the responsibility on the individuals as well, but follow through in keeping the promises that you present your team.  This will gain the trust they will need to respect you and commit to the challenges that you set forth.

Breaking through resistance is not easy.  Has leadership been part of the turn over?  Has the past leadership brought a sour taste to the present employee’s mouths?  You can only start a positive and productive transformation and hope that team members will jump on board.  The more the team sees positive results and you are there for their support, the more individuals will jump on the bandwagon to create a solid team.

However, negativity can also be toxic.  Although, you want to provide the team that validity and value of each team member, they may not be aligned to the position and the culture being created.  There is so much you can do and control.  If they are not happy with where you are taking the team, but you can see a positive path being created, this may be where you need to keep your focus at.  Start with small triumphs and recognize those to start building a productive and positive culture.


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