Stop Reacting Only to Put out Fires

stock-photo-74516649-glowing-hanging-light-bulbWhen things are successful, it is common to ignore that facet of the business and focus on something else.  However, you do not want to always work on putting out fires.  Sitting in comfort can be nice but it really is not ideal for your business.  Just because it is successful, does not mean that improvements cannot make it better.  We want to work at not working harder, but working smarter.

In a realm of constant changes, it is hard to keep up with the industry and competitiveness that entails.  Therefore, continuing to follow strategies until you are forced to change them will make your company behind competitors.  Following strategies that have always been used does not allow individuals to use creativity and evaluation of the current environment to formulate strategies and improvements to make the company thrive.  Often there are processes that can become more efficient.  It is common to hear, “why change something that is working?”  Well, there is good reason to assume there is room for improvement when you set your focus on it.

Technology is a common reason across a variety of industries of change. Utilizing technology and maximizing it’s benefits, can allow you to automate, expand abilities, create efficiency, and strategize new marketing tactics.  Technology expands capabilities.  You may be following a process without the technology, but with technology, the possibilities can free up the human factor or allow one person to do more than they were able to do before.  This can allow resources to be used where the individual is an expert or simply, to provide more customer service.

Sometimes just getting input from the individuals that are involved with the front line, can help you identify pitfalls.  They can give you helpful input that will prevent attrition of your contributors or loss of customers.  Remember, many people will only give you feedback in the extremes, when they are very disappointed or when you catch them by surprise.  It is obvious that exceeding their expectations is much preferred.

So just remember, just because a process is successful, seek improvements.  Do not wait for change to be forced.  Be competitive.  Allow creative juices within your group to flow.  It is only when you begin to focus on making improvements before they are needed, that you can always stay on top of competitors and on the top of the mind of supporters.


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