Self-Reflection at Every Conclusion

20140107_163737_Richtone(HDR)As I am near the end of finishing my MBA program, I think that every experience that comes to a conclusion should involve some self-reflection. What you have gained, to never lose.  Your supporters when you were struggling.  How you impressed yourself, even when you thought it was impossible to accomplish.  The power that you have gained from the accomplishment.

This is two years of my life that have been one of the most productive with not only excelling at my job but being a graduate student.  I have empowered myself to gain control of my life, through this single decision and I am proud of it.  I gained supporters that truly believed in me, and even at my moments of doubt, inspired me to continue.  We have an obligation to become better for ourselves.

With the constant turmoil of the business environment, we can never feel secure in the current positions we are at.  Never should we settle for any less for ourselves either.  Although, I am so relieved to have more freedom, I refuse to not continue to grow and learn.  In fact, this is what I loved about school, no matter what life threw at me or what stresses were currently going on, I had assignments and deadlines that did not change no matter the excuse.

It is important that at the conclusion of every relationship, every job change, or big event in your life-self reflect.  There is always something learned from your experiences, even when you needed the change because it was needed.  I will continue to be disciplined in my growth and strive to be a better me!


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